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De Paul, its history and growth

Over the past 46 years De Paul has been carrying with it a unique record which, perhaps, De Paul alone can claim. From the very beginning to this day, it has kept up the record of 100 % pass in the S.S.L.C. Examination unbroken. Now the 40th batch is coming out. We expect that the result this time also will be a 100 %.

'' Thank You ''

We are very grateful to all those who have helped us, especially to our former students and former faculties for making the Golden Jubilee a grand Success.

Golden Jubilee Validatory

function on 18th January 2014 at 6.30 P.M.


Atmageetham- devotional song album is getting ready for release

School Parliament

SCHOOL LEARDERS Master CHRISTIN LAL (Std.X) Kumari ALIGA BASTIN (Std. X) CLASS LEADERS Std. V-A : Akhil S & Janvi Varghese Std. V- B : Muhammed Riyas & Muhshina Noushad Std. VI-A : Emmanuel Babu Joseph & Ann Milka George Std. VI - B : Akash Raghunath & Krishnapriya B. Std. VII-A : Rojar Kuncheria & Anupa K. Babu Std. VII- B : Anvarshah & Shaifana Noushad Std. VIII-A : Anshad Subair & Manisha Raji Std. VIII-B : Rameez Muhammed & Vinayamol V. G. Std. IX- A: Jibin Mamachan & Naurin Nazar Std. IX-B : Albin Saji & Sneha Tom Std. X-A : Sheifil P. Ibrahim & Aneesa Hussain Std. X-B : Nandakishore P. & Arafa Noohu Std. XI : Manu Mathew & Jeomol Joseph Std. XII : Cinjith Francis & Namitha Benny


Winners in (Manava Deepti Quiz Master Yadhukrishnan T. B. (X) Master Govind Raj (X) Master Abraham Babu Joseph ( Sub Dist. School Games: Hand Ball - Girls under 17 I Hand Ball - Boys under 17 II Shuttle - girls under 17- singles I Shuttle - Girls under 17 -doubles I shuttle - Girls under 19 - Double I Basket ball - Boys under 17 I PYKA Games: Shuttle - Girls Singles- Athira Ramesh I Shuttle - Girls singles - Sajmy Rahman II Hand Ball -Girls - II Shuttle - Girls- Doubles I Gnadhi Jayanthi QUIZ : Master Abraham Babu Joseph I

Film release

This year's film, EVERY BUD IS TO BLOSSOM' is released officially on Aug. 3, 2010, by Sri P. J. Joseph M. L. A.

Visit of Film Stars

The recently Visited Film stars

De Paul, its history and growth

Milestones in the History of De Paul 1964 : School started with Std. V 1971 : School shifted to the newly constructed School building 1967 : High School started with Std. VIII 1970 : First batch presented for S.S.L.C. Exam 1988 : S.S.L. C. exam centre sanctioned 1989 : Silver Jubilee celebrated 2002 : L. P. School started 2002 : Higher Secondary started 2004 : Higher Secondary Exam centre sanctioned

De Paul, its history and growth

Eminent personalities from De Paul 1) Dr. Subrahmania Iyyer Famous in plastic surgery 2) Dr. Saji V. Kuruttukulam ” Cardiologist 3) Dr. Mathew Abraham ” Cardiologist 4) Dr. Gigy V. Kuruttukulam ” Neurologist 5) Dr. Sibi Xavier ” Dentist 6) Sri Jaimy Thomas ” Scientist 7) Baby Kalariparambil ” Chief Judicial Magistrate 8) Smt. Sudha V. Richest woman in India 9) Smt. Valsa R. Nair Collector in Bombay 10) Sri Rins V. Varghese International Pilot 11) Sri Jens V. Varghese International Referee (Basket Ball)

De Paul, its history and growth

Headmasters 1) Mr. P. m. Joseph (1964-65) 2) Mr. A. Joseph (1965-66) 3) Fr. Joseph Karumathy (1966-67, 71-80) 4) Fr. Varghese Muzhuthettu (1967-68) 5) Fr. George Kuzhuvelithadam (1968-71) 6) Fr. Chandy Kalapurayil (1980-84) 7) Fr. Joseph Panthackal (1984-95) 8) Fr.Thomas Thekkemury (1995-2000) 9) Fr.Augustione Mundekkattu (2000-2001) 10) Fr.Thomas Madathinal (2001- )

De Paul, its history and growth

Now De Paul School has become a complete School with Classes from L.K.G. to Std. XII. Well furnished Computer lab, Science labs, Play ground, Library, auditorium and Smart Class room are the attractions of De Paul. De Paul School has slowly entered in to the film world in the year 2007 with the School Band troupe playing a small role in the feature film “Kathaparayumpol”. In 2008 the students and band troupe had their presence in the film, “Veruthe Oru Bharya”. In December 2008, the school itself produced a tele-film by name “Rajuvinte Christmas”. The credit is that the concept, story, location and actors (both staff and students) are all from the school itself. It was telecasted twice in the Jeevan T.V.-on December 25, 2008 and January 3, 2009. Two more short films are produced by the school in the followings. They are : 1) 'Santha Rathri Thiru Rathri' 2) 'Every Bud is to Blossom' The sincere efforts of a team of well experienced, qualified and efficient teachers is the force behind the success of De Paul. The management is well aware of it. The cordial relationship fostered by the institution and ex-alumni is marvelous. Fr. Thomas Madathinal is now guiding this School as its Principal.

De Paul, its history and growth

Kalathilakam over the years. 1) 1989-90 Ambili Gopalakrishnan Sub District level 2) 1989-90 Ambili Gopalakrishnan Revenue District 3) 1990-91 Ambili Gopalakrishnan Sub District 4) 1990-91 Ambili Gopalakrishnan Revenue District 5) 1991-92 Ambili Gopalakrishnan Sub District 6) 1991-92 Ambili Gopalakrishnan Revenue District 7) 1992-93 Divya G. Rao Sub District 8) 1992-93 Divya G. Rao Revenue District 9) 1993-94 Divya G. Rao (H. S.) Sub District 10) 1993-94 Phemy George (U. P.) Sub District 11) 1993-94 Divya G. Rao (H. S.) Revenue District 12) 1993-94 Phemy George (U. P.) Revenue District 13) 1994-95 Namitha Jose (U.P.) Revenue District 14) 1995-96 Phemy George (H. S.) Sub District 15) 1995-96 Sreejith Sreekumar (H.S.) Sub District - Kalaprathibha 16) 1995-96 Phemy George (H.S.) Revenue District 17) 1996-97 Phemy George (H.S.) Sub District 18) 1996-97 Vinaya Cyriac (U.P.) Sub District 19) 1996-97 Phemy George (H.S) Revenue District 20) 1996-97 Vinaya Cyriac (U.P.) Revenue District 21) 1997-98 Vinaya Cyriac (H.S.) Sub District 22) 1998-99 Vinaya Curiac (H.S.) Sub District 23) 2000-01 Parvathy C. (H.S.) Revenue District 24) 2002-03 Jeenu Babu (H.S.) Sub District

De Paul, its history and growth

In the Sub District and District School Kalolsavam 23 times the School secured overall trophy. De Paul Orchestra team came FIRST three times (1985, 1997, 1998) and once THIRD place (2003) in the State Kalolsavam. Three times the School Band troupe secured FIRST(1987, 1997, 2002) and once THIRD (2009) in the State. In 1992 Master Joby Babu of this School secured FIRST for fancy dress competition in the State Youth Festival. In 1999 the trophy for the Best School in Youth Festival was awarded to De Paul. In the Science Fair and Social Science Fair the School secured Overall trophy continuously for seven years. In Maths Fair the School secured Overall trophy in 2001 and 2002. In 2000 the School was selected as the best THIRD School in the State for the performance in Science Exhibition. In 2001 and 2005 the school was awarded Over all trophy in the District for Work Experience. In 1975 and 1976 the school was specially awarded for presenting the highest number of students with 100 % pass. Kumari Anitha I. Rani of this school received medal from the President of India for the best Guide in the Idukki District. Kumari Lisbeth Sherly was awarded gold medal in State level sports.

De Paul, its history and growth

In the fields of Arts and Sports also the achievements of De Paul students are marvelous. Many a times they have proved that they are behind no one by winning Overall and Kalathilakam. The School is very much focused on imparting proper training in sports and games.

De Paul, its history and growth

The School has produced 12 State Ranks in the S. S. L. C. Exam over these years. 1) 1881 Gigy V. Kuruttukulam 6th Rank 2) 1983 Suresh P. 12th Rank 3) 1985 Jaimy Thomas 8th Rank 4) 1992 Joby Babu 15th Rank 5) 1994 Aziz K. S. 11th Rank 6) 1994 Seena Jacob 9th Rank 7) 1996 Santhosh T. John 15th Rank 8) 1997 Sherin Jose 9th Rank 9) 1998 Dinu Krishnan 13th Rank 10) 2000 Anjali S. 3rd Rank 11) 2001 Krishnapriya S. 5th Rank 12) 2001 Miriam Joseph 9th Rank

De Paul, its history and growth

In the educational development of Idukki District, De Paul E.M.H.S.S., Thodupuzha, has a unique place. No other institutions of this kind can ever claim such a credit. When the school is marching its 50th year of service, it is keeping up the same glamour and reputation in the very start with which it attracted the minds of people far and near. It is the Vincentian Community that came forward to Thodupuzha with the idea of De Paul English Medium School to impart quality education. It was started in 1964 on a beautiful hill near to the heart of Thodupuzha town. The people, irrespective of caste, creed and religion, welcomed the idea of the school and took to their hearts and encouraged and helped in every way possible to develop and strengthen it. Sri M. M. Mathew, Moongamackal (Rtd. R. D. D.) is specially to be remembered among them. His help, co-operation and direction are invaluable in this attempt. Today after 46 years, Depauleans are rendering valuable services in key positions every where, in the State, outside the State and abroad. They have only good things to speak about De Paul and good feelings to share with anyone. They show an eagerness to reveal that De Paul is behind all their achievement and gains in life.

De Paul, its history and growth

Name of School : De Paul E.M.H.S.S. District : Idukki Taluk : Thodupuzha Villag : Thodupuzha Muncipality : Thodupuzha Ward : VI Post Office : Thodupuzha East P.O. Pin : 685585 B.R. C.: Kanjiramattam, Thodupuzha Ednl. District : Thodupuzha

De Paul in to the History of Idukki District